Your nose, slender and long,

extending outwards, cascading,

trickling downwards

The slow curve of tip or your nose turning a swaying

like a swing set.




I’ve been on hiatus. I’ve had quite a busy summer. I moved two time during the summer. and the last time was right before school started. The entire summer was me adjusting to a new city, trying to figure out which way to move through my life and what kind of artist do I really want to be. I am not stuck, but I am wandering and soaking new things that come through my way. I’ve still been writing and drawing, but I just felt that it was not my time to post it online. I wanted to be disconnected for a while, from everything. But now that my life was become a little more grounded and I’ve finally settled in the new apartment, it’s time for me to start again.



a splinter in your skin

in the bone.


if this is me.

leave me alone

until I’m patched up with glue

and hope for the best, that it will hold.

try and try again

and hope for the best,

but what if I find out I’m the bad guy.

My Love For Ink


I think what lures me to use ink is the fact that it flows so naturally for me. Similarly to when I start writing on paper. They way it interacts with the materials is so stunning; creations become natural and unplanned. Mistakes can become tiny masterpieces and some mistakes can be hair pulling death sentences. It took me so long to become comfortable with drawing. I couldn’t find my voice. So when I first began using ink, it was like finding the right note to a song.