Love Me Again

please come back to me, like before…

Last night your lips felt

like a strangers,


as if I was embracing

you for the first


Gentle, slight touch.

The vast expanding universe.


Familiar stranger,

in the end I knew

who you were.

Your loving arms embraced

me like a blindfolded child

hugging his mother

in a crowd.


You are no stranger,

I understand.

Today we sit in the back

seat with your lips cradling



the deep infatuation you have.

Predictable. Beautiful.

Resembling the changing of seasons


Not a Stranger, but a friend.

Depression shrivels you up

like flowers in the winter.


A petal falling,

one piece at a time

Even if you cannot feel,

feelings are present

Existing sporadically,

occurring naturally from green leaves

to orange ones around fall.


Best friend and lover,

Your indecisiveness comes

like a rainy summer.

Contradictory but comforting.

Rain cascades

from cloudy eyes

but your love is inevitable

like spring.


Author: Daliap

An artist, writer, and adventure. I need be constantly moving whether it is my brain, body, or soul.

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