To My Friend(s) Who Struggle With Mental Illness.

This isn’t going to a poem or pictures like I’ve normally been posting. It’s for anyone who struggles with a mental illness. I’ve recently had someone who attempted suicide. Luckily, they are currently seeking help. I will not really go into further detail with it because I will keep the details in private. However, I struggled with mental illness all my life. I’ve had it since I reached puberty. I’m not here to sugar coat things and let you know everything is fine and dandy. Because it isn’t. The hardest part with having a mental illness is figuring out what’s the best solution to make things easier for YOU to deal with it. The best way to find out what works for you is to seek help. Everyone is different and even if two people struggle with the same illness, they may have different ways to ease it. If you are struggling with anything right now, please know that their is someone out there that’s is willing to help you. If you feel like nobody is there to talk, please email me. I may not know you, but I will try my best to help. You are loved and you are worthy of being alive. I know sometimes we want to figure things out on our own and are scared to reach out for help. I know because I’m like that. It took me years for finally admitting that I have a problem. I’m happy to admit that I have found things that I’m happy to live for, including myself. But it’s a constant struggle. So take one step a time. You are a beautiful person. You may struggle with a hard burden on your back, but please know there are people out there who love you. You don’t have to deal with this alone. Life is worth living because you make it worth it.  

If anyone needs help, please don’t be afraid email me.


Author: Daliap

An artist, writer, and adventure. I need be constantly moving whether it is my brain, body, or soul.

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