My Love For Ink


I think what lures me to use ink is the fact that it flows so naturally for me. Similarly to when I start writing on paper. They way it interacts with the materials is so stunning; creations become natural and unplanned. Mistakes can become tiny masterpieces and some mistakes can be hair pulling death sentences. It took me so long to become comfortable with drawing. I couldn’t find my voice. So when I first began using ink, it was like finding the right note to a song.




Oh Tiny Silhouette


Oh tiny silhouette,

how delicate you must be.

Moving, shifting, crawling,

between the chain-link fence

Doing acrobatics from link to link

Tending to your home,

Simply in a second

your lungs are filled with toxin

up and up and away your legs go

bending, curling, breaking,

Contortionist in your own home.

Oh tiny silhouette

how delicate and dead you must be.