Monster in The Lake

I have a reoccurring dream. I walk through an open corn field where you walk miles through a dirt path. The sun is beating down onto my face and I’m sweating. Luckily, there is a fresh wind that blows the sweat of my shoulders. I’m exhausted, but I get to the large pond that is surrounded by  enormous willow tree. A “bridge” passes across it made out of wooden planks. The wood is cracked, soft, moldy. It’s slippery and mushy as I step through it. On some night when the dream visits me again,  the plank bridge is broken. If I want to walk across it, I have to get a running head start. So I walk a couple feet away from it, I close my eyes and run. However, I can never reach the other side because I get scared and chicken out. So I end up sitting on the edge of the bridge, with my feet hanging down from it. There is a problem, at the bottom of the lake there is a monster. Sometimes a large whale, so enormous it doesn’t fit in the pond. It’s so large that it’s fin has to stick outside out of the tiny little pond. When I look down to stare at it,all I see is  a bulging eye, twitching and dilating. Sometimes, it’s a snake, I can’t see its face, but I can see it writhing and coiling back and forth in the water. I can hear the skin rub again itself. So when the monster is in the pond, I’m scared to cross the wooden plank bridge. And yet, its like a magnet. I walk across it barefoot. I can feel the wood and the mush of the moss between my toes, while the huge whale eye flickers back and forth staring at me. I’m frozen. I’m Stuck and I can never get to the other side.