I’ll Remember You



the sunken sun sitting on the edge of the earth-

lying down on the ledge of the cliff,

your legs entwined with mine

your voice whispers in my ears,

vibrates in my ear drums,

leaving a footprint in my memories.



But You’ve Had So Many Memories With It


I wonder…

how many hours you spent sitting down,

playing each key,

finding a rhythm,

dancing to the beat.

Then some keys fell off.

I wonder…

how many days you spent trying to ignore it,

playing without it,

finding a way to skim over,

dancing your fingers around it,

Then some keys stopped ringing.

I wonder…

how many weeks you spent imagining,

playing the note in your head,

finding the faint memory of the notes,

dancing to the made up rhythm.

Then you just gave up.

I wonder…

how many months you kept it there,

playing with the idea of

finding a spot in the garage,

dancing from yes and no.

Then you threw it away.

But you’ve had so many memories with it.